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Computer Science & Engineering

In the period 21st century, innovation is inescapable and ranges crosswise over lives. With an ascent in the innovation part,  Computers Science Engineering in B.tech is considered as a gainful course that opens doors for the future. Computer Science Engineering is the most well known course for Engineering hopefuls.

Computer Science engineering manages structure, usage, and the board of data arrangement of both programming and equipment forms. A computer researcher spends significant time in the principle of calculation and plan of computational frameworks.

Among all the engineering branches, computer science has been observed to be the most prominent selection of understudies. This part of engineering is seen to be famous because of its examination scopes (bio, mechanics, neuroscience, and so on) and is known to challenge while offering great vocation openings and compensation. M Balakrishnan, teacher (computer science and engineering, IIT-D) says that computer science and engineering has been the most looked for after course in a previous couple of years and in the present one as well.

About Department

The Computer Science Department was begun in the year 2010 and from that point forward it has brought great scholarly outcomes. All the employees of the department are endeavoring to get great scholastic consequences of its understudies and are likewise helping its staff and understudies to have a decent self-awareness. The course given by the organization is one of the basic programming courses. Subjects center around the prologue to the engineering of PC applications accentuating current programming engineering standards: object-arranged structure, decay, epitome, deliberation, and testing. The fast advances in PC innovation in the present exceptionally mechanical society have brought about a proceeding with interest for software engineering graduates. The software engineering sets you up as an expert to have the capacity to apply the essential standards of figuring and the most recent innovative progressions to take care of issues in business, instruction, and government. You may fill in as frameworks examiner who structures answers for explicit issues or become an application developer to make an interpretation of these arrangements into programming, or specialized help proficient who settle a wide scope of issues identified with PC applications and use. Other vocation conceivable outcomes are framework chairmen, PC organize directors or frameworks software engineers.

Employment Opportunities

The job profiles or the designations offered by various top recruiters include the following: Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Software Developer, Hardware Engineer, IT Consultant, System Engineer, System Designer, Networking Engineer, Database Administrator, Web Developer, E-commerce Specialist, Programmer

Computer Science & Engineering

Program Overview


During the initial syage of the course students are taught about programming skills, data structures, algorithm principles that helps them to have a rich understanding of their area of study.


Database being backbone of all applications today the course aims to introduce students with principles of DBMS, data analysis, database design and much more.


At this stage of Computer Science Engineering students learns to implement his learnings, be it data base designing or softaware architechture.


Summer Intersnhip in the end semester makes students capable to work viably either as a part or an innovator in a multidisciplinary exercises and to perform examinations, plan just as lead explores, dissect and translate the outcomes to give legitimate ends.

Computer Science & Engineering Subject plans

1st Semester
Courses Type Marks CODE
English Communication Skills
Theory 100 HS-101
English Math-I
Theory 100 MA-101
Engineering Physics/ Chemistry
Theory 100 PH-101/ CH-101
Engineering Mechanics/ Principle of Electrical Engineering
Theory 100 ME-101/ EE-101
Computer Fundamentals & Programming in in C++ / Fundamentals of Electronic Engineering
Theory 100 CS-101/ EC-101
Engineering Drawing & Graphics/ Workshop Technology
Theory 100 ME-102/ ME-103
Environmental Science/ Disaster Management
Theory 100 HS-102/ HS-103
Communication/ Electrical Engineering
Labs 50 HS-111/ EE-111
Engineering Physics/ Chemistry
Labs 50 PH-111/ CH-111
Computer Programming/ Electronics Enginnering
Labs 50 CS-111/ EC-111
2nd Semester
Courses Type Marks CODE
Business Communication
Theory 100 HS-204
Engineering Math-II
Theory 100 MA-202
Engineering Chemistry/ Physics
Theory 100 CH-101/ PH-101
Fundamentals of Electronics Engineering/ Introduction to Computer Fundamentals and Programming in C++
Theory 100 EC-101/ CS-101
Principles of Electrical EngineeringEngineering Mechanics
Theory 100 EE-101/ ME-101
Workshop technology/ Engineering Drawing and Graphics
Theory 100 ME-103/ ME-102
Disaster Management/ Environmental Science
Theory 100 HS-103/ HS-102
Electrical Engineering/ Communication
Labs 50 EE-111/ HS-111
Engineering Chemistry/ Physics
Labs 50 CH-111/ PH-111
Electronics Engineering/ Computer Programming
Labs 50 EC-111/ CS-111
3rd Semester
Courses Type Marks CODE
Probability & Statistics
Theory 100 MA-301
Industrial Economics & Management
Theory 100 HS-305
Data Structures
Theory 100 CS-301
Object Oriented Programming using C++
Theory 100 CS-302
Digital Electronics
Theory 100 EC-302
Computer Architecture & Organisation
Theory 100 CS-303
Sociology & Elements of Indian History for Engineers
Open Elective 100 HS-306
German Language - I
Open Elective 100 HS-307
French Language - I
Open Elective 100 HS-308
Data Structures
Lab 50 CS-311
C++ Programming
Lab 50 CS-312
Digital Electronics
Lab 50 EC-306
4th Semester
Courses Type Marks CODE
Optimization & Calculus of Variations
Theory 100 MA-402
Human Values & Professional Ethics
Theory 100 HS-409
Database Management System
Theory 100 CS-401
Operating System
Theory 100 CS-402
Theory of Computation
Theory 100 CS-404
Microprocessor & Peripherals
Theory 100 EC-402
Database Management System
Lab 50 CS-411
Microprocessor & Peripherals
Lab 50 EC-405
Operating System
Lab 50 CS-412
Law of Engineers
Open Elective 100 HS-410
German Language - II
Open Elective 100 HS-411
French Language - II
Open Elective 100 HS-412
5th Semester
Courses Type Marks CODE
Computer Networks
Theory 100 CS-501
Core Java
Theroy 100 CS-502
Computer Graphics
Theory 100 CS-503
Artificial Intelligence & Expert System
Theroy 100 CS-504
Software Engineering
Theory 100 CS-505
Analysis & Design of Algorithm
Theory 100 CS-506
Computer Networks
Lab 50 CS-511
Core Java
Lab 50 CS-512
Computer Graphics
Lab 50 CS-513
Industrial Training ( Viva-Voce)
- - -
Basic of Operating System
Open Elective 100 CS-507
PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Open Elective 100 CS-508
Management of Information System
Open Elective 100 IT-501
6th Semester
Courses Type Marks CODE
Advance Java
Theory 100 CS-601
Distributed Operating System
Theory 100 CS-602
Compiler Design
Theory 100 CS-603
Linux Administration
Theory 100 CS-604
Data Mining & Warehousing
Theory 100 CS-605
Modeling & Simulation
Theory 100 CS-606
Advanced Java
Lab 50 CS-611
Modeling & Simulation
Lab 50 CS-612
Lab 100 CS-613
Management Information System
Programme Elective 100 IT-601
Enterprise Resource Planning
Programme Elective 100 IT-602
Multimedia Technology
Programme Elective 100 IT-603
7th Semester
Courses Type Marks CODE
Advanced Computer Architecture
Theory 100 CS-701
Wireless &n Mobile Computing
Theory 100 CS-702
Information Security
Theory 100 CS-703
Cloud Computing
Theory 100 CS-704
Cloud Computing
Lab 50 CS-711
Project Work - I
- 100 CS-712
Industrial Training
- 100 CS-713
Big Data Analysis
Programme Elective 100 IT-701
Embedded Systems
Programme Elective 100 CS-705
Web Technology
Programme Elective 100 CS-706
8th Semester
Courses Type Marks CODE
Mobile Adhoc & Sensor Network
Programme Elective - III 100 CS-801
Distributed System
Programme Elective - III 100 CS-802
Project Work -II
- 100 CS-804
Industrial Project
- 100 CS-811
Soft Computing
Programme Elective - III 100 CS-803
Mobile Application Development
Programme Elective - IV 100 IT-801
Natural Language Processing
Programme Elective - IV 100 IT-802
Cyber Security & cyber Laws
Programme Elective - IV 100 IT-803

Computer Science & Engineering Projects

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