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B. Voc. Graphics and Multimedia

Computer graphics and multimedia are presently the most significant part of computer science. Since consistently we are managing the photos, pictures, diagrams, video, and activity and so on Computer graphics manages how the photos should look alike and where these should be placed for the best end user experience. Graphics implies some visual presentation on a surface. Computer Graphics is essentially the creation, stockpiling and control of pictures and models with the assistance of some graphical equipment and programming.

Multimedia is an energizing new field for those inspired by computers, innovation, and imaginative profession choices. Multimedia utilizes computers to exhibit sound, video, activity, intelligent highlights and still pictures in different ways and these blends made conceivable through the progression of innovation. Graphics and multimedia both are interrelated to one another.

About Department

The department of Vocational Courses has been established in the year of 2019. The department aims to prepare students for the IT world with strong designing and multimedia skills. The fast advances in designing and multimedia in the present exceptionally Computer society have brought about a proceeding with interest for design in the students. The department has been established with the vision of bringing out the best creativity in the students by giving them not just the classroom knowledge but also exposure of the real world. Regular visits to It firms and Design firms are arranged so that students are kept updated with the latest design trends and tools and techniques required in the industry. Not only this Students also get an opportunity to interact with the nationally acclaimed famous designers and multimedia artists for their career guidance.

Employment Opportunities

There are assortments of fields where the utilizations of computer graphics and multimedia are being utilized these days. This incorporates restorative, building, instruction and preparing, entertainment, science and so forth. The uses of computer graphics and multimedia are developing step by step. A student with the skills of a graphic and multimedia artists may opt for any of the careers listed below:

  • Art director
  • Creative director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Multimedia Artist/Animator
  • Product Designer

B. Voc. Graphics and Multimedia

Program Overview

Presentation graphics

It is utilized to create outlines or rehash to produce 35mm slides utilized with a projector. Presentation graphics are normally used to outline money related, measurable, numerical and logical information for energize report, administrative report and different sorts of information. A few instances of presentation graphics are bar diagrams, line outlines, surface chart and any kind of pictorial representation of information.


One of the prime utilizations of computer graphics and multimedia is that it is utilized for computerized entertainment reason. Computer graphics strategies are likewise utilized in making movies, music recordings and TV programs. Here and there the graphics scenes are shown by this office and some of the time the on-screen characters and line scenes. In any case, it is seen that music recordings these days are utilizing graphics in an intricate manner.


Researchers, engineers, restorative individual, business analyser and different specialists frequently need to break down a lot of data or to ponder the conduct of specific procedures, numerical recreations, satellite cameras and different wellsprings of incredibly expansive information/documents quicker than they can be deciphered. Examining this huge arrangement of numbers to decide patterns and relationship is an inadequate procedure. In any case, on the off chance that the information changed over into visual structure, at that point the pattern and examples quickly can be prepared all the more fundamentally and the procedure will be less intricate.

Graphical User Interface (GUI):

GUI is one of the immeasurably utilized uses of computer graphics and multimedia. A noteworthy part of GUI is a window chief that enables a client to show numerous window territories. Every window can contain an alternate procedure which contains graphical or non-graphical articles. To make a specific window dynamic, it is to be clicked in that window utilizing a collaborating pointing gadget. Interfaces additionally show menus and symbols for first determination for preparing choices or a specific individual/object.

B. Voc. Graphics and Multimedia Subject plans

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