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B.Voc Software Development

B.Voc Software development is one of the vocational courses & the best way toward Considering, Indicating, Structuring, Programming, Reporting, testing, and bug fixing engaged with making and looking after Applications, Systems, or other software segments. Software development is a procedure of composing and keeping up the source code. In this digital world, we are mostly dependent on software devices. The electronic instruments that we are using right now have different types of software stored in it. The requirement for better quality control of the software development process has offered to ascend to the order of software engineering, which expects to apply the precise methodology exemplified in the engineering worldview to the procedure of software development.

About Department

This is a newly started vocational course that has been established in the year 2019. Our aim is to be the leading software development platform provider and apply best practices in software development and use the latest technologies. Here we build up young and talented software engineers to a world-class level so that they develop their software-related skills that help to make your future bright and secure. This program will train you to gain expertise on different levels of Software Engineering, Frontend, Backend, DevOps tools, cloud, and then Agile. The software development program provides access to high-quality eLearning content, simulation exams and other resources that ensure you follow the optimal path to your dream role of a Software engineer.

Employment Opportunities

Nowadays the world is just revolving around the electronic devices and for its functionalities, the whole part is just based on the software techs that we used to make that device to be run faster and perfectly. This is what the art of software engineers that help in making the best product by using their skills, ability, and talent. HIET Group of Institutes will give the path to nourish all your skills and ability by making you master in skills like Java, Python, Agile scrum foundations, Amazon web services, DevOps tools. Various software developer jobs that the student can get after becoming expert in the Software Development are:

  • Computer and information system Managers.
  • Information Security Analysts.
  • Computer programmers.
  • Software Developer, Application.
  • Software Developers, Systems Software.
  • Web Developers.

B.Voc Software Development

Program Overview

Information Processing Skills

Information Gathering is not a big deal in today’s digital world but how to process the information in bulk is main problem and it is important to have good information processing and management skills. The course focuses on developing information processing skills among students which is highly required in the market.

Digital Electronics

Everything around us operates on digital signals and such devices operating on digital signals are called digital electronics. The course aims to prepare students to be compatible in handling and operating all sorts of digital electronic devices.

ERP and Market

The global ERP market is increasing year by year and to have good ERP management skills and to have a complete knowledge of the ERP market is very important.The course is focussed to develop a basic understanding of the ERP and its market among the students.

Project Quality Management

Project Quality management is basically the sum of processes that are used to achieve the desirable quality out of any project. Though best quality is elusive but if one has good Project Management skills quality can be achieved.

B.Voc Software Development Subject plans

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2nd Semester
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3rd Semester
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4th Semester
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5th Semester
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6th Semester
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7th Semester
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8th Semester
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B.Voc Software Development Projects

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