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Civil Engineering being the most seasoned course of is the most elevated quality of undergraduate studies among every single other branch. The office is glad to have all around prepared research centers like Surveying, Geotechnical engineering, Concrete innovation, Strength of materials, Fluid mechanics, transportation and so on. The division offers consultancy in materials testing to government and private parts. The personnel has faith in brilliant educating and is dynamic in ventures.


Civil Engineering Department’s state-of-the-art laboratories enable faculty to perform research and consultancy activities that contribute for the advancement of civil engineering knowledge while providing hands-on experience for students. HPTU has recognized CED as a research center. Civil Engineering Department is actively involved in organizing international and national level technical events facilitated by world renowned experts to train and motivate faculty and students in advancing their technical and research skills.
Vision: To deliver civil specialists with essential learning and aptitudes who can be depended by society to lead a maintainable world with upgraded personal satisfaction.
Mission:To successfully prepare our understudies as civil architects, who can serve the general public capability as organizers, creator, constructors and administrators of the assembled condition.


The department facilitates internship opportunities, industrial visits and skill development activities for the benefit of students. Highly experienced faculty of the department serve on expert panels and advisory boards of various governmental and private organizations. They also serve as resource persons in technical events of international and national repute. Graduates of Civil Engineering Department are distributed globally, exhibiting remarkable success in their careers (academic/research/industry) while working for organizations of renowned stature.



Our surveying laboratory provides students with hands-on experience to supplement instructions in surveying courses. The surveying laboratory has a wide variety of modern surveying equipment such as Digital theodolites, Automatic levels, Total Station, EDMI, GPS based instructional and research purposes. Undergraduate students use the laboratory as an integral part of their surveying coursework and obtain any topographic information that can help their capstone design projects, such as highway design and land development.


The soil mechanics and foundation engineering is a basic undergraduate course where introduction to Geotechnical Engineering is provided. The use of laboratory allows the students to understand the complexity in the information associated with the soil structure, its behavior under different loading conditions and importance of its elements in the construction of different structures over it.


The concrete technology lab is established to train students to carry out tests on common construction materials such as concrete, cement, bricks, tiles, stones etc. The test are conducted to determine engineering properties in terms of strength, strain, fatigue, stiffness, durability etc. Major equipments include digital compression testing machine with flexural strength calculation attachment, Vicat and Le-chatlier apparatus, Los Angeles apparatus, Compaction factor and Vee-Bee time apparatus and many more with advance techniques.


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