Veterinary Pharmacist Diploma


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Veterinary Pharmacist Diploma

A veterinary pharmacist is a technician who works in animal health with formal education and training in pharmaceuticals especially for animals, animal handling and treatment of animals under the guidance of the veterinarian. Veterinary pharmacists deals with  medicines which have been prescribed via way of means of a veterinarian, presenting consultations on dosage and aspect effects, presenting compounding services, making sure that each one regulatory directives are well followed, taking inventory, and supervising pharmacy technicians or different assist group of worker members.

Veterinary Pharmacist has following duties:

  • Preparing medication
  • Measuring correct dosage
  • Administering medicine to animal
  • Educating owner about their animal’s health
  • Filling prescription form veterinarian
Course : Veterinary Pharmacist Diploma
Duration : 2 years
Affiliated to : CSK Palampur


Veterinary Pharmacist department was started in 2022 and the aim has been to provide the training to students so that they can independently worked in the fields, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies. Students are given hand on experience in handling large and small animals, casting, examination of animals, taking physiological parameters, feed and nutrition and giving medication to the animals.

Work is usually performed in a workplace or lab setting. We here at HIET group of Institutions are committed towards providing technical, professional education which is having lucrative job opportunities. Veterinary pharmacy is one such course which can assure good scope for career building.



Career Options Veterinary pharmacists might also additionally discover employment with veterinary schools, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, and quite a few regulatory agencies (consisting of the FDA).


To be eligible for Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy, students need to pass the class 12 exam from a recognized board. The duration of course is 2 years which included 6 months internship at veterinary dispensary across the state.


Program Overview:

Elementary Animal Husbandry 

Common breeds along with having farm animals and management for various category of livestock.


Elementary Animal Nutrition

Common feeds and folder given to the animals along with scientific feeding and feeding schedule for different categories of livestock.


Elementary Animal Reproduction

Estrous cycle and methods of heat detection in animals along with pregnancy diagnosis.


Elementary veterinary epidemiology & Public health

Surveillance & monitoring of common diseases. Common zoonosis their management and public health considerations.