Himachal Institute of Engineering and Technology Shahpur was selected as the best college in TPL Shiksha Samman Ceremony 2023. The ceremony was organized at Hotel Radisson Blu Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.

Managing Director of Himachal Institute of Engineering and Technology Shahpur Mr. Dushyant Kayastha said that today it is a matter of great pride that Himachal Institute of Engineering and Technology Shahpur has been given the Best Engineering College of India (2023) award. This honor was received by the Principal of the college, Dr. Arjun Kumar and Managing Director Dushyant Kayastha. The Managing Director said that the credit for this proud moment goes to all the college professors because both proper teaching and teachers have a deep impact on the life and personality of the students. In this era where technology has taken over the world, engineering is a field of education where the technical mind is used to create, design and maintain machines. Use of prevalent scientific phenomena in engineering: Today we need to be updated from time to time and technology makes our work easier. With its help, the work of not only the students but also the teachers has become very easy and they are able to provide accurate and correct information to the students. The importance of technology in education has become even greater now, and it helps in making studies interesting and relevant for students. Additionally, technology provides personalized learning and support for student development, which is an important step toward a better future in education.


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